Yevhenia Kononenko

A writer, translator, and an essayist. Author of several books of prose, such as a collection of short stories “Three Worlds” (2002), “Novellas for the Kissless Girls” (2005), “The Shock Bookstore” (2009), “Prague Chimera” (2019), novels “Imitation” (2001), “Nostalgy” (2005, 2006, 2008), “A Victim of a Forgotten Craftsman” 2007), “A Russian Story” (2012), “The Last Wish” (2015), books of essays “Heroines and Heroes” (2009), “Beyond Time” (2017), “A Word of Your Kindred” (2019), a.o.
She translates poetry and prose from French, English, and Czech languages. She participated many times in international conventions for authors and translators. A laureate of national awards for translations, and for the original works. In 2019, a book of essays “A Word of Your Kindred” was nominated for the Shevchenko National Prize.

Yevhenia Kononenko texts were translated into English, German, Polish, Croatian, French, Czech, and Serbian, and were included into the anthologies of Ukrainian literature. The anthology of Ukrainian literature “From Three Worlds” was published in the USA in 1996 and was entitled after Kononenko’s short story, “The Three Worlds”. Translations of Yevhenia Kononenko’s works were published beyond Ukraine as separate books, too: “Without a Man” (Moscow, 2009), “A Russian Story” (London, 2013), “Katovo poslední přání” (Praha, 2020).

Participated in the literary residency in Buchach in 2019.

Essays written during the residency: