Vasyl Makhno

A poet, prose author, essayist, and translator. Author of collections of poems “The Schema” (1993), “Caesar’s Solitude” (1994), “Book of Hills and Hours”(1996), “February Elegies and Other Poems” (1998), “A Fin” (2002), “38 Poems about New York and Other Things” (2004), “Cornelia Street Cafe: New and Selected Poems of 1991-2006” (2007), “Winter Letters” (2011) “I want to be a jazz and a rock’n’roll” (2013), “A bicycle” (2015) “Jerusalem Poems” (2016), “Paper Bridge” (2017), “Poet, Ocean, and the Fish: Selected Poems 1993-2018”(2019). He published a book of short stories“House in Baiting Hollow” (2015), a novel “Eternal Calendar” (2019) and four collections of essays “Gertrude Stein Park of Culture and Leisure” (2006), “A Bucket-Bag Was Rolling Down” (2011), “Outskirts and Borderlands” (2019) and the “Biking Along the Ocean” (2020).

Makhno’s texts were translated into many languages; they were published as separate books in Israel, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and the USA. He participated in many international literary festivals, meetings, and symposia. An award winner of literary prizes: a semifinalist of the Angelus Central European Literature Award (2017), a finalist of Yuri Shevelov Prize (2015, 2019), a finalist of the “BBC Book of the Year” award (2019, 2020), a finalist of the UNESCO Cities of Literature award (2020), and a laureate of the Petro and Lesya Kovalev Foundation (2009), an International Serbian Prize “Povelje Morave” (2013), “BBC Book of the Year” (2015), and an

International Ukrainian-Jewish Award “Encounter” (2020). In 2000, he moved to New York.

Participated in the literary residency in Buchach in 2019.

Essays written during the residency: