Yevheniya Senik

A writer, author of books “Przepraszam, teach me to stay silent” (2014), “A Writing Desk”(2015), “The U Country or Fairy Tales to Somebody Else’s Children” (2016) and the “House of Matches” (2019). She participated at several art residencies in Switzerland and France, and in many literary activities in Ukraine and internationally. A diploma winner of Vadym Koval open literary contest in a nomination “Prose and Drama”, a book “A House of Matches” was shortlisted among the best books of 2019 according to PEN Ukraine.

Yevheniya Senik is an independent researcher in Jewish Studies, participant of programmes and summer schools in history and Hebrew Studies (Lviv, Ostroh). In September, 2016, she moved to Kyiv where she studied at the interdisciplinary certificate programme in Jewish Studies at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. From 2019 to 2020, she studied in Stockholm, at the annual programme Paideia in the European Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden.

Participated in the literary residency in Buchach in 2016.

Essays written during the residency: