Sofia Andrukhovych

A writer, translator, and a publicist. Author of prose books “Milena’s Summer” (2002), “Old People” (2003), “Their Men’s Women” (2005), “Salmon”(2007), “Felix Austria” (2014), “Amadoka” (2020). In 2014, a novel “Felix Austria” was awarded as the “BBC Book of the Year”. In 2015, she was awarded a Josef Konrad Literary Prize. In 2016, Sofia Andrukhovych, jointly with Maryana Prokhasko, wrote a painted book for children “Chicken Constellation”. In the same year, the book was included into a prestigious catalogue in the field of international literature for children and youth (“White Ravens 2017”).

She participated in many Ukrainian and international cultural events. Her books were translated into German, Polish, Croatian, Hungarian, French, Czech, Serbian, English, and Hebrew.

In 2020, a “Viddana” film came out made by the FILM.UA company inspired by the “Felix Austria” novel.

Participated in the literary residency in Buchach in 2016.

Essays written during the residency: