Andriy Lyubka

A poet, translator, and essayist. Author of the book of poems “Eight Months of Schizophrenia” (2007), “TERRORISM” (2008), “Forty Bucks Plus Tips”, a book of prose “Killer. A Collection of Stories” (2012), a book of essays and columns “Sleeping With Women” (2014), a collection of short stories “A Book for Sorrow” (2016) and a book of stories “Saudade” (2017), a novel “Your Look, Cio-Cio-San” (2018), a book “In Search of Barbarians: a Journey to the Lands where the Balkans Start and Never End” (2019) and a “small ukrainian novel” book (2020). Some books and texts were translated into English, German, Chinese, Portugese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Georgian, Hebrew, Romanian, and Turkish languages.

A participant of many Ukrainian and international cultural events. A member of the Ukrainian Center of International PENclub. A columnist of such publications as Radio Svoboda, Zbruc, Day. A guest at numerous writers’ residencies in Europe.

Laureate of the Literature Prize of Lesya and Petro Kovalev Foundation (USA) for the best prose book of the year (2017), Yuri Shevelyov Prize for modern essays (“Saudade” book, 2017).

Participated in a literary residency in Buchach in 2016.

Essays written during the residency: