“Light on the Hills”, a publication with English and Hebrew translations

A collection “Light on the Hills” includes essays written during a literary residency running in Buchach from September to December in 2019.

A collection “Light on the Hills” symbolizes Buchach in its multicultural history and heritage, in its extremely picturesque landscape. Located among the hills, the town soaked in all the light of Christian and Jewish traditions and the lights of those who were born in the cozy town of Buchach and carried its glory into the world.

The book is a complete edition with nine essays in Ukrainian, and in English and Hebrew translation. The book includes essays by the participants of the 2019 residency, Ukrainian authors Vasyl Makhno, Oleksii Chupa, and Yevhenia Kononenko. The collection is part of the project of a literary residency in Buchach initiated and organized by the Agnon Literary Center and supported by the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter. All rights reserved.